Friday, December 26, 2003

Leukemia is any of several types of cancers that affects blood cells.This disease may increases in the future with many causes and effects more than what I will mention.Leukemia has many symptoms like fever,chills and other flu-symptoms, also a weakness, a fatigue,losing of weight ,easy bleeding,and sweating especially at night.
Furthermore,it has two types such as Myelocytic and Lymphocytic. Myelocytic can occur at any age , also it has an acute myelocytic and a chronic one.Lymphocytic is another type of leukemia that’s consist of also an acute any age and chronic one can ocuur rarely before the age of 45.
In addition, leukemia is affect because of an intensive radiation exposure, also the exposure to certain chemicals, and its causes by two viruses like Human T-cell Leukemia and virus that’s related to leukemia rare in humans.Genetic factors are affecting leukemia.
We can diagnose leukemia by finding the cause of person’s symptoms.A doctor asks about the medical history and do a physical exam , also checking the general sings of health. Doing a blood tests, which are under the microscope and that’s may reveal leukemia , also it’s may not show what type of leukemia.
Finally, the treatment of leukemia is varies in accordance to type of it, also it isnot the same for all patients, and it depends on a certain features of the leukemia cells.
In conclusion, leukemia is a disease that’s not easy to deal with therefore the patient must has a good treatment and a huge care of his relatives or doctors.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Hi, I'm Wejdan a student in faculty of science in Kuwait university.I'm going to write about the leukemia that is a type of cancer disease which affect blood cells.I hope you will find my topic interested.

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